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Fey Tarot

Five of Swords

The Image

In an immense desert a gigantic grey sword is planted in the earth. In all this solitude a Fey calmly sits on the hilt, observing the horizon. Following the direction of her eyes, she blows on her hand and releases small sparks of light into the wind.

Simple Meaning

Reflection, mental silence, solitude, calmness and lucidity.

Advanced Meaning

Whereas the previous card of Swords demonstrated the wild, war-like side of the Fey, the Five of Swords shows its reflective side. Perhaps there had been violence in the past and perhaps there will be more in the future, but there is none in the present. The Fey reflects and observes; she isolates herself and hides from the world. And in this moment, when the silence has driven away the screams and shouts present in the preceding Arcana, new hopes and alternatives are born. Another meaning of this card is that often conflict is not the only solution even if it seems to be, and that we should pause to reflect and find another way.

Symbols Used

The desert indicates solitude. It also indicates the lack of a road or path already trodden.
The fairy lights carried away on the wind, like seeds, indicate new hopes and opportunities.