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Fey Tarot

Six of Swords

The Image

A heaving boat is anchored on a mirror of water without waves. A sword stands upright in the fore-ground, perhaps in the water or perhaps in the earth. A Fey with angel wings is sitting in the boat observing the sword with a dreamy air.

Simple Meaning

Journey. Understanding an idea. Logical passage.

Advanced Meaning

The journey that we undertake physically, in the physical world, is a mirror of the spiritual journey that we undertake. The sword in this case indicates the mind and the ability of the mind to move itself, even when the body appears to be still. Each journey brings danger, experience and discovery with it.

Symbols Used

The sword is the symbol of the mental ability to distance oneself.
The water is the symbol of a barrier or a boundary that we need to cross. The boat is the physical means by which the mind can travel.
The Fey's expression indicates curiosity, initiative, and a desire to discover.