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Gilded Tarot


Sometimes viewed as Fate, this wheel frightens most of us because its turning is beyond our control. Here we have a fully mechanized wheel that is, as indicated by the astrological symbols on it, controlled by the stars, the rhythms of nature and life. Sometimes things happen in our lives that seem inexplicable, but life is full of cycles and we would do well to remember that. The sun at the center of the wheel can represent our mind. If we are centered and secure, then no matter how the wheel turns, we are not at its mercy. We can view something however we like - as a blessing or curse, a tragedy or an opportunity.

The message of the Wheel of Fortune is twofold. First, know that life has ups and downs and many times things happen that affect you but are not, strictly speaking, personal. For example, the company you work for is bought by another and restructured. You job is eliminated. This was not done to hurt you personally, although it does affect you deeply. Second, events in life are often good or bad simply because you choose to view them as such. Keep your center and your focus and don't be rattled by events you cannot control.

Be aware of using the cycles of the wheel to neglect personal responsibility. Keep in mind the things that are within your control and do not blame circumstances for mistakes that are truly your own.