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Gilded Tarot


A fiery woman, full of passion and spark, is perhaps an incongruent image for a card meaning moderation. Like the gold and liver sphinxes in the chariot, the gold and silver cups represent extremes. Temperance means to mix or to blend, as this woman is tempering extremes - any extremes - in behavior, belief, or feeling. She has learned to temper her life in such a way that she maintains and expresses her passion perfectly. By learning to do this, she is living her life as fully as possible, with her internal beliefs in perfect harmony with her external actions and with the world around her.
The message of Temperance is simple to understand yet difficult to practice. Moderate your life in all ways: physically, spiritually, emotionally , and intellectually. Let your action (or inaction) be appropriate to the situations. This card, more than any other in the tarot, speaks of perfect balance perfectly expressed.
Be aware of intemperance and extremes in behavior. Also, don't let the fear of making a mistake lead you to constant inaction. Wile inaction is sometimes the right choice, it is not always.