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Gilded Tarot


The Empress follows the High Priestess just as inspiration is ideally followed by manifestation. Circled by astrological symbols representing the possibilities of life, her red belt and her fiery hair speak of earthly passion and sensuality. Covering her passion, though, is her blue, flowing cloak, representing emotion. A solar system-like necklace hangs near her heart. Her action is largely internal and nurturing, surrounded with feeling. She is the Mother archetype from whom all life flows. She holds a circle with a cross, a symbol of the feminine and also a symbol of the balance of opposites - both the idea and the physical form of the idea. At the most basic level, she is both the epitome of love ant the birth of a life resulting from that love.

The message of the Empress is that of creation and passion. You are in a position to nurture and give birth to a project. Tap into the energy of Mother Earth and celebrate her gifts. Recognize, honor, and celebrate your senses, the physical world, and nature.

Be aware or maintaining a healthy balance. Do not let your emotions or actions become obsessive or controlling, and do not allow a chaotic proliferation by trying to do too much. A garden needs careful and loving cultivation - too much or too little upsets the delicate balance of beauty.