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Gilded Tarot


A leader and teacher wearing vestments, indicating wisdom, almost fades into the background. The stained glass window enveloping him brings to mind the great cathedrals of the past, incredible poems of glass and stone reaching toward heaven. This is an apt symbol of humankind's greatest achievement of understanding the physical and spiritual worlds. A view of the universe - of all that there is to know, both physically and spiritually - lies beyond. Looking at these elements as three levels, we see in the background the knowable universe, then humankind's understanding and utilization of this knowledge, and finally the passing on that knowledge to individual people through formal education and religious training.
The message of the Hierophant reminds us of the marvelous accomplishments of humankind and of the great resources of knowledge that are available to us. Respect the achievements of generations past. Use that knowledge to create with usefulness and beauty. Do not disdain tradition out of hand but see what wonderful things it has to offer.
Be aware of following tradition blindly. Do not accept all knowledge without questions; rather, question authority. Make sure all beliefs and practices make sense to your own heart and mind before you make them part of your life.