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Gilded Tarot


The Chariot is a card of victory. The medallion of the sun atop the chariot indicates the immense power and focus of the woman's mind. Although victory seems a rather straightforward concept, the card is full of contradictions. A woman in royal purple rides in a chariot. Instead of horses and forward movement, we see two sphinxes. Sphinxes often symbolize riddles. Their silver and gold color represents opposing ideas. The woman appears to be driving this motionless vehicle without reins; indeed, she is looking off in another direction. Yes, this is a card of victory. She has control, gained perhaps by strength of will alone. But she has not resolved the riddle of opposing ideas. She has achievement but not understanding.
The message of the Chariot is one of willpower and control. Recognize your own strength and ability to maintain order in the midst of chaos. Know that you can achieve more than you think you can. Celebrate your accomplishments.
Be aware of repressing issues or turning away from ideas that puzzle you. Once you achieve your goals, do not come to a complete stop, thinking that you have arrived. There is always more to learn and accomplish.