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Gilded Tarot


A mysterious old man walks a lonely, narrow path. He carries a light, representing his mind and the knowledge he has acquired, and a staff, symbolizing the powers of his will. His red belt indicates something of the passion that drives him in his search. While he has much knowledge of the world and a strong will, there is still much that is unresolved in his heart. Alone, he goes off to contemplate, to compare conventional knowledge to what he feels in his heart.
The message of the Hermit is one of self-knowledge. It is time for you to withdraw, contemplate what you know, and make sure your beliefs reflect the leading of what you believe. Then you can trust yourself without depending on the opinions of others.
Be aware of withdrawing too long or for the wrong reasons. Withdrawing from life out of fear or to avoid personal responsibility is not the same as self-examination.