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Gilded Tarot


A woman and her daughter sit in front of a cozy home. Their leisurely domestic activity and industriousness is underlined by the presence of bees, while the cat shows a playfulness along with the work. The Wheel of Fortune, Major Arcana X, has this family at the top. They have harmonious lives free of strife or conflict.

You may note the absence of a male figure. The artist created this image as if he were coming home from work to his family. The scene shows the contentment and joy he experiences.

You have created a happy home life. It is full of satisfying activities and comforts. This moment is the epitome of domestic bliss. Enjoy it.

Be aware of letting contentment turn to laziness. Do not neglect your family, thinking everything is fine. Everything is fine - because you've treated each other well and with tender consideration. Do not stop those behaviors.