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Gilded Tarot


A dreamy youth reclines against a tree. Although three lovely chalices sit beside him, he ignores them. He imagines something better; he is even offered something better. The squirrel in the tree and the mouse in the grass take more interest in the gift than the youth for whom it is intended. His romantic ideals may cause him to miss opportunities that he may later regret. This card echoes the negative side of the Emperor, Major Arcana IV. The desire for order and stability can lead to a quest for perfection that does not exist, causing a disdain for reality.
You not only have gifts at your disposal, you are being offered another at this moment. At the expense of current happiness, you are focusing on an idealized concept that does not exist.
Be aware of the reverse, and do not let go of healthy ideals that guide and shape your life for a shabby constitution. You must know the difference between convictions and fantasies.