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Gilded Tarot


Children explore a colorful fantasyland. Cups filled with delightful flowers and friendly animals enchant them. The cat in the foreground represents the present, and the scene behind it is the past. This memory of a happy time in the past can provide warmth, a sense of security, and an inspiration to share the same benevolence. It can also create a romanticized sense of nostalgia that causes a profound sense of disappointment in a current situation. Just as the Lovers, Major Arcana VI, indicates balanced choice, so this card contains a necessary element in choosing how the past will affect the present.

You find yourself faced with a memory. Consider it carefully, as memories can be tricky things, altered by time and distance and even current desires. Make sure that whatever role it plays in shaping your current actions is balanced by logic and reality.

Be aware of letting your past or your ideas of the past control you.