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Gilded Tarot


In his comfortable home, an innkeeper raises his cup and salutes his comfort, abundance, and good fortune. He has invested in creating a welcoming place for others and a secure situation for himself. His fortune, represented by the barrels of beer, is that of good cheer, not necessarily of money or material gain. In Major Arcana IX, the Hermit goes off alone to solidify his knowledge and then he returns to the world to share it and help others. So this man has found his own way and hence has much to share with others, even the charming mice who play without fear of danger on the beams overhead.
You have achieved a place of comfortable abundance. You have much love and nurturing affection to give. You are happy with what you have and desire to share with others, knowing that sharing such gifts only increases them.
Be aware of taking the energy of the Hermit to the extreme. Do not enjoy your good fortune alone or hoard it. Do not indulge in a pompous sense of self-satisfaction but share what you have with graciousness..