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Gilded Tarot


A young man holds a pentacle. He appears almost bored. Although not an adept by any means, he does have enough experience to start playing with technique. He does not carefully hold the pentacle, instead he barely holds it, as if to see how little he needs to touch it yet still keep it in place. He is definitely ready for the next level.
You have been practicing something and are already quite good at it. Your studies are beginning to manifest into actual completed projects. You are ready to present your work to the outside world. Perhaps it's time to consider something more complicated and challenging.
Be aware of becoming careless. Although you do have skill, you lack the experience that allows one to perform almost mindlessly. Also, be careful of stagnation. Once you master this level, continue to challenge yourself and don't become lazy.
The Page of Pentacles can indicate a message, usually pertaining to a project you've completed, finances, or resources.