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Gilded Tarot


A young man attempts to stand confidently and proudly. He tries to express a sense of disinterest, as though he's done this a thousand times before. His face, though he doesn't know it, shows more apprehension than he'd like it to. Who wouldn't be a little nervous? He does have a very large (and potentially dangerous) sword and although he knows how to wield it in theory, he hasn't actually used it.
You are ready to face a new challenge. The theory and logic is clear to you; you have all the tools you need; you know exactly what to do and how to do it. Yet you feel inexplicably scared. Your fear isn't unusual though. There is no substitute for experience - and that is something you don't have at this point. Know that regardless of the outcome, you will have done the best you possibly can.
Be aware of overanalyzing. Swords are the suit of the intellect, so there is the danger of thinking about something so much that you become paralyzed with worry.
The Page of Swords can indicate a message, usually pertaining to a current problem, issue, or belief system.