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Gilded Tarot


A large heart looms against a stormy sky, pierced by three swords. Clearly this is heartbreak very dramatically and tragically expressed. Consider the image carefully. The sun, representing the self, is centered on the heart. The ego is identifying entirely with the emotional distress, making it bigger than it should be. The swords embedded in the heard indicate that a way of looking at the situations is faulty. Removing the focus from the emotion allows a glimpse of the bigger picture. A proper perspective allows more clarity. In this instance, the Empress, Major Arcana III, can provide the nurturing and healing that will help transcend the heartbreak.
You have experienced a heartbreak. However, you are not seeing the effects of this heartbreak clearly. Although it is hard to end a relationship, it does not mean the end of your life… which is probably how you are feeling. Seek a realistic perspective.
Be aware of the lure of the role of the tragically broken-hearted lover. It gives the lover reason to pine and mourn and never move forward. It is a sham, an excuse to avoid life.