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Gilded Tarot


A woman, blindfolded and chained, is surrounded by swords. Her situation is at the same time simple and complex. The blindfold shows her confusion, her inability to see clearly. The chains represent her inability to move, although they seem to be merely wrapped loosely around her wrists. It would seem a simple task to let the chain drop, remover the blindfold, and escape through the spaces between the swords. It is, however, her own thoughts that keep her bound. The swords are her mind, surrounding her and keeping her blind and immobile. Unlike Major Arcana VIII, Strength, which has tamed the sometimes frightening animal aspects of ourselves and can consequently walk with courage, this woman is controlled by fear.
You feel helpless. You cannot see, you cannot move; you sense danger all around you. The situation is entirely of your own making. The good news is that if you made it, you can unmake it. You have the ability to see things clearly you just need the courage to do so.
Be aware of giving in to a sense of helplessness. Do not give up your power. Take control of your life. Do not let fear bind and blind you.